Creative Arts

The music section of the new ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ room is up and running, and filled with an exciting selection of musical instruments for our pupils to explore, experience and work with.  Instruments range from bongo drums to maracas, castanets to xylophones; instruments to hit, pluck, scrape or shake; and an array of exciting instruments from around the world.

The area offers a stimulating environment to explore the musical elements; learning about loud and quiet (dynamics), fast and slow (tempo) or high and low (pitch); exploring how music makes us feel, move or express ourselves.   In music lessons students have the opportunity to listen to music from a range of genres, composers, and cultures; classical, modern and everything in between.  These range from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ to a Scottish marching band; from the contemporary music of Bjork’s ‘Oh So Quiet’ to the popular Pakistani composer and musician Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Qawwali music. The area offers a range of props to support our pupils to develop a feel for the music, encouraging them to explore movement with scarves, ribbons, drapes or pom poms.

Music is exciting, fun, stimulating and accessible for all – let’s move, let’s grove, let’s make music!