Fairfield Curriculum

Our Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

At Fairfield we want to encourage and develop a strong sense of achievement within all our pupils that will stay with them throughout their lives. Our aim is that they are healthy and safe and they enjoy and achieve in all areas of their development.  At Fairfield our aim is to create environments in which effective teaching and learning enables all our pupils’ opportunities to enjoy and achieve as a valued member of our school community. We believe in having a positive approach towards school life and our pupils are supported to become motivated and confident individuals.

Our bespoke and creative curriculum is taught by experienced professionals enabling all pupils to achieve at their own level. To be effective Fairfield aims to concentrate on the individual to create optimum conditions for their learning. This is achieved through the utilisation of individualised teaching approaches. Our pupils begin Fairfield with a variety of experiences, opportunities and needs. It is the role of all staff to encompass an holistic approach to learning, encouraging the pupils to develop a sense of pride, care and sensitivity towards themselves, their peers and the school.

It is important that every pupil feels safe, happy, respected, cared for and has a sense of belonging. Through our nurturing environments, we build the confidence of each child so that they are able to achieve their potential. We want all our pupils have the opportunities to the best education; to access an outstanding curriculum with an array of opportunities to personalise learning to meet the pupil’s individual needs. Our planning is based on the principle that our pupils are more engaged in learning when they are interested and motivated. We are committed to meeting the needs of our pupils and valuing the contributions they make.

We aim to ensure that learning at Fairfield broadens the aspirations, values and opportunities for each individual as they grow and develop, sometimes at an individual pace. Fairfield fosters close working relationships between other schools, parents and professionals to provide and enhance opportunities

Fairfield Curriculum

The curriculum at Fairfield reflects the needs of our pupils with a great emphasis on the areas of communication, physical and sensory development, cognitive development and PSHE. Our curriculum is designed to have a creative approach to learning, to stimulate our pupils to acquire a continuum of learning opportunities, responsibilities and life experiences. Intrinsic to our curriculum is the opportunities to enhance independence skills, make choices and is active and fun. Each pupil has personalised targets which are shared with parents / carers to extend learning opportunities. Therapeutic and medical needs are integrated into the day to ensure that learning focuses on the needs of the individual. Our curriculum is constantly evolving to ensure that we are responding to a rapidly developing world around us and that we are offering our pupils the best start to their lives. The schools aim is to engage our pupils in enjoyable learning activities that are of functional value to them to them now and in their future. We see the essential focused areas as:

  • developing our pupils ability to communicate and interact with others

  • improve pupils physical abilities

  • to enhance personal, social and emotional skills

Our creative themed based approach is planned to ensure that our curriculum content provides breath and flexibility. It is relevant, inclusive, integrated and appropriate, supporting a balance of learning experiences and opportunities to meet individual needs. Our curriculum incorporates various sources of documentation to encompass the various needs of our pupils.  In the Early Years and Key Stage 1 department they plan around The Early Years Curriculum Guidance documentation which is divided into seven areas of learning

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical Development

  • Communication and Language

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the World

  • Expressive Arts and Design

In Key Stage 2, Secondary and Post 16 departments (where appropriate) our curriculum is delivered through subject areas of the curriculum

  • English

  • Maths

  • Science

  • History / Geography

  • ICT

  • DT

  • Food Technology

  • RE

  • Personal, Social, Health Education

  • Art and Design

  • Music

  • Physical Education

Please click HERE for an overview of the Post 16 Curriculum

 For pupils with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties) emphasis on the personalised development of the following core strands is fundamental. These core areas of learning are highly interrelated and dependent on each other

  • communication

  • cognitive development

  • physical, motor and sensory development

  • emotional and social developmen

For are pupils with MSI (Multi Sensory Impairments) our curriculum draws from a variety of sources which address specific aspects of learning opportunities

  • social relationships and emotional development

  • communication

  • conceptual development

  • sensory responses

  • understanding of time and place

  • orientation, movement and mobility

  • ownership of learning

  • responses to routines and changes

Breadth and Balance

At Fairfield we like to be responsive to what is happening in the world through our curriculum and the implementation of enrichment days; enabling creativity and flexibility in our teaching and learning opportunities. Where possible pupils are encouraged to get involved in what they would like to learn, and this is planned into their work. We have high expectations and strive to achieve excellence for all for all our pupils.

The amount of time allocated to the various subject areas will vary over time and across the different departments. In planning upon the breadth and balance across the departments and for individual pupils we take account of:

  • The statutory requirements

  • The changing needs of pupils

  • The views of parents

  • The views of professionals and levels of support available

Some rooms in school are equipped to deliver specialist subject areas. We have established a sensory intervention room, safe space and a green room, where pupils engage in multimedia experiences, food technology, art room, rebound facilities, hydrotherapy pool and a soft play space. In addition the curriculum is enriched through the use of swimming sessions, cafe visits, shopping, enrichment days which include various activities which incorporate visits out of school, dance and drama groups, film projects, artists and trust school links.

In KS4 / 5 students undertake work related learning, independent living skills and preparation for external accreditation with the ASDAN Award and Equals ‘Moving On’ programme which focuses on key skills – life skills and personal development in preparation for adult life. A programme of study is built on and accredited in Year 14. Routes for Learning, Quest and Barr’s Court continue to be used to support students with more complex and profound needs.


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