Fairfield School: Our Aims and Values

'Fairfield School is committed to achieving excellence'


Fairfield School is a place where children and young people:

-       come first

-       develop as confident and successful learners

-       have a voice and make choices

-       are motivated and enjoy learning

-       achieve and progress


Fairfield School staff and Governors are a team who:

-       celebrate and promote achievement and progress

-       have learning and development at our core

-       are reflective practitioners who question, challenge and evaluate in order to improve

-       strive to be leaders in our field recognised for our best practice and as innovators

-       value productive partnerships with parents and carers, professionals and our community

-       value good health, well-being and professional development

Fairfield School is a educational establishment that:

-       welcomes parent, carers, partners, other professionals and visitors

-       is appropriately resourced

-       is engaging, so that it promotes learning and achievement through a  curriculum that is personalised, stimulating, challenging and fun

-       promotes Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development

-       is safe, happy and healthy