Hydrotherapy is important to all our children.  The warmth of the water is relaxing, it helps alleviate muscle stiffness. The buoyancy of the water decreases joint loading and migrates the impact of poor posture, control and balance.  The resulting facilitation of movement for children with severe physical disabilities can help to increase strength, endurance and range of motion and balance.  The support and decreased muscle stiffness makes movement easier.

Movement is important for our children because it:

·         Improves circulation

·         Keeps muscles flexible

·         Improves muscle strength

·         Improves joint range

The benefits of hydrotherapy are:

·         Reduces pain and muscle spasm

·         Strengthens weak muscles

·         Improves coordination and independence

·         Improves posture and balance

Hydrotherapy gives a child the freedom to move independently whilst being a great source of fun!

Our older students have the opportunity to use the local swimming pool at Spenborough in order to enhance their hydrotherapy experiences in a larger pool area.