Information Communication Technology (ICT) 

Through the study of ICT, our students expand their knowledge and understanding of the world by being actively involved in experiencing, investigating, manipulating and using information in a variety of forms including text, symbols, sound, graphics, photographs, music and video.

Our pupils gain self-confidence, social skills, communication skills, gross and fine motor skills, problem solving skills and a wide range of abilities and knowledge needed to enable them to take their place in today’s society. As a tool to enable access to, and support learning across the wider curriculum, ICT helps our pupils take greater responsibility for their own learning, planning and organising their ideas and presenting them creatively using a variety of media.

For many of our pupils with more complex needs, Information and Communication Technologies (including assisted devices) provide a variety of tools to increase the probability that they will learn skills which will enable them to interact with their environment at a more autonomous level. Serving as a bridge to independence, ICT empowers our pupils. Enabling communication and facilitating influence and control over most aspects of their daily lives.