Visit From Chickenshed

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Chickenshed this half-term. They are well known theatre company based in London. They performed a powerful piece called Voices and Choices to Post 16 students and some students in the formal pathway.  It is an anti-gang violence and anti-bullying transition project which teaches young people the importance of choosing a positive role model, being a positive role model and contributing to the school community. Staff and students found the piece truly inspirational! After the performance Chickenshed did some workshop activities and students made many positive contributions including some dance and drama.

Thank you to Chickenshed for such a brilliant session which fully engaged a wide range of students. Thank you also to local MP Tracey Brabin for organising this special visit.

Fairfield Festival 2018

Play and Learning Sensory Group - Hutchinson Deafblind

Hutchinson Deafblind Trust have set up new  Play and Learning Sensory Group -PALS group from Friday 8th June 2018, 22nd June and 6th July from 10.30 to 11.45 a.m.  at a new venue.  The sessions will be at Sensory World, 101 Old Westgate, Dewsbury WF13 1NB. These free sessions are an opportunity to have fun and support the child’s learning through play and to meet other parents too.

To get in touch contact: