Winter Procession

We have just had our Winter Lantern Procession. Pupils and families from Early Years and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Departments gathered at school for a Winter Lantern Procession. We started in class and set off on a route that took us all round the school both indoors and outside to the willows. We carries the lanterns that we had made when the artist Angela came in. Around the school we danced stopping in Transition department and outside the willows and finishing in the hall to see the lanterns and fairy lights glowing in the dark. We also sang some songs with the white parachute. The pupils were dressed up and loved it. We have had some really positive feedback from parents who came too.


‘The lantern procession worked really well. It involved the whole school. I saw all the children’s faces light up. It was really emotional seeing their excitement and joy. My child really enjoyed it, he was excited by the bells.’

Quote from Parent.