Artists Workshop - Lou Sumray

We were delighted to work with creative artist and painter Lou Sumray on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

The aim was to get maximum engagement and involvement from the pupils and in order to do this we asked everyone to come in with an object , a colour, a texture or an action that makes them happy. We worked in partnership with Lou with a very open structure. We were not trying to end up with a final product, more to experience, experiment and explore media and materials. The end result surpassed our wildest dreams.

Students loved mark making and writing on the OHP and seeing it projected in massive images on the ceiling and walls of the hall. The engagement in painting in all its forms using fingers, feet, hands, bodies, was incredible.

Lou invented ways of tracking the brushes and rollers in the darkened environment using lights attached to the ends to follow.    

we'd like to thank Lou and everyone involved over the two project days for making it an incredible success in so many ways. We are looking forward to the next one!