Fairfield Families


Fairfield Families welcomes all parents new and old.

Each session will begin with an opportunity for you to meet with Anne Tierney or Bev Brooks to share your thoughts about the school, for instance:

  • What works well
  • Anything you need help with
  • Any ideas that you may have to help improve the school. 

Anne will arrange for a topic to be discussed as the focus of each session from 10-11am. Sessions will range from:

  •    How to get a Blue Badge
  •    Child minders and nurseries who will take disabled children
  •    Sleep advice
  •    Behaviour management strategies
  •    Charities that can help us
  •    Benefits advice
  •    More Makaton sessions
  •    Activities and support within our area

There will be an opportunity for networking with other family members from 11am until the end of the session.