Policy and Statements

Fairfield School has many policies in place to ensure the highest standard of care, safety and education for our pupils as well as the smooth running of our school. Please feel free to familiarise yourself with these by downloading the documents below. If you would like original copies of any of the below policies and guidelines, please contact the school office who will be happy to assist you.

Accessibility Statement

Admissions Policy and Guidance

Animals in School Policy

Anti Bullying Policy and Guidance

Applicant Fair Processing Notice

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Principles Statement

Complaints Policy and Guidance

Code of Conduct

Data Protection Policy

Dealing with Persistent or Vexatious Parents

Dignity, Respect and Confidentiality Policy and Guidance

Discipline Policy

Display Policy

English and Literacy Policy

E-Safety First Responders' Guide

E-Safety  Guidance

E-Safety Policy

E-Safety Staff and Volunteer Acceptable Use Policy

Equality Single Statement

EYFS Policy

Freedom Of Information Act Scheme

Governors Code of Conduct

Governors Allowance Guidance

Governors Guidance on Policy and Documents

Health and Safety Policy and Guidance

Homework Policy and Guidance

Home School Agreement

Hydrotherapy Policy

Intimate Care Policy and Guidance

Instrument of Government

Looked After Children Policy and Guidance

Managing Allegations

Manual Handling Policy

Maths Policy

Meeting Medical Needs Policy and Guidance

Misuse of Electronic Communications by Staff Policy

Policy Statement for Relationship and Sexual Health Education

Pond Safety and Guidance

Privacy Notice

PSHE and Citizenship Policy

Pupil and Parent Privacy Notice

Pupil Premium Statement

Safe Touch Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

School Closure Policy

School Emergency Plan

Social Networking Guidelines

Special Educational Needs Policy and Guidance

Staff Attendance Policy

Staff Disciplinary Policy

Staff Handbook

Staff Fair Processing Notice

Statement of Procedures for Allegations of Abuse Against Staff

Subject Access Request Form

Swimming and Pool Safety Policy and Guidance

Teacher Pay Policy

Teacher Appraisal Policy

Total Communication Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Vision and Values

Visitor Code of Conduct

Whistleblowing Policy