Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE)

PSCHE is a planned curriculum through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to succeed in their lives.

PSCHE prepares our students to manage opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up in such rapidly changing times.  The curriculum will help pupils to connect, apply the knowledge and understanding they learn in practical, real life situations, while helping them to feel safe and secure to fulfill their potential.

PSCHE contributes to statutory responsibilities of Fairfield School to provide a curriculum that is broadly based, balanced and meets the needs of all students.  Under Section 78 of the Education Act 2002 and the Academies Act 2010 such a curriculum must:

  • promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and
  • prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

In our school PSCHE including Citizenship are cross curricular subjects which underpin the whole ethos of the school. At all times students will be encouraged to develop communication, social and independence skills.

PSCHE aims to support all students to develop as individuals in a wider society. Our aim is for students to understand themselves physically, emotionally, socially and sexually and to understand their relationships with others.

PSCHE offers students with learning difficulties opportunities to:

  • develop communication and interactive skills
  • make choices and decisions
  • develop personal autonomy by having a degree of responsibility and control over their lives
  • realise that they can make a difference by their individual or collective actions
  • develop an awareness and respect for other people and different societies