Student Council

Fairfield School has a Student Council made up of pupils from all departments.  They meet once a month to discuss topics that are hot on their agenda. They have recently been discussing and planning seaside event that was held on the 8th July. This is their opportunity to put their thoughts to the School and bring forward any further ideas they may have for exciting enrichment days at Fairfield.

The school council had lots of ideas of how to bring the seaside to Fairfield. They managed to organise an exciting day for our pupils and young adults, there was nearly everything they’ve wished for!!  Please try to be there to support our school. The school is welcoming parents from 10 am til 12 pm.  There will be lots to see and do.

The following pupils have been elected as school council members to represent their department.

They are:

Early Years / Key Stage1 :

Ava and Faheem.

Key Stage 2:

Husnain and Aqsa


Junaid and Zulaikah

Post 16:

Ricky, Arbaaz, Alex and Connor