Post 16 Department Jobs and Responsibilities

The Post 16 department aims to ensure students develop a level of independence and responsibility, to provide them with the skills required to prepare them for their future.

Alongside a varied and balance curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in enriching activities. One way in which they can do this is by applying for job vacancies; positions that are in school that allow students to develop key skills. Job vacancies include an ICT apprentice, assistant caretaker, animal health officers and environmental officers. A job advert is put up in the student’s social area which outlines the main responsibilities and duties. The students complete an application and are then shortlisted to for an interview.

ICT Apprentice

The successful candidate will assist the ICT staff in the distribution of electrical equipment such as iPads to classes. A key feature of the role will be to learn key skills from the ICT network manager and the ICT technician.

Assistant Caretaker

The assistant caretaker is responsible for the replenishing of daily items such as filling the tissues in the dispensers and maintaining a clean and inviting school environment.

Animal Health Officer

This role ensues our school Chickens are looked after. The animal health officer is responsible for cleaning out the chickens and ensuring they are fed and have fresh water.

Environmental Officers

In 2011, our school was awarded Eco school status. The environmental officers will help embed the principals into the heart of the school, promoting energy saving, composting and recycling.


Nominated prefects are to act as good examples to all other pupils in terms of attitude and behaviour, punctuality and attendance.