Welcome to Fairfield


Thank you for visiting our school website.  If you are a parent or a visitor this is an opportunity for you to find out about this wonderful school and to find information that may be useful to you.  If you are a child or young person from Fairfield School, you will hopefully find lots of familiar faces whilst you are looking through the website. 

About Fairfield School

Fairfield is a special school for children and young people aged 3 to 19 years.  All of our children have special educational needs which are not able to be met fully within a mainstream school.  Learning takes place in small class groups.  We offer a broad and balanced curriculum including the Foundation Stage curriculum at the early years.  We try to ensure that the curriculum is rich with exciting and engaging opportunities for the children to explore and engage with the world around them.  This includes two-way links with other schools; enrichment days, regular visits to and work within the community; regular visitors to school such as musicians, dancers and artists, people who help us.  We have a fabulous resources to support our young people.  These include a hydrotherapy pool, a rebound therapy room, sensory room, green screen technology, a range of augmentative and assistive communication technology, extensive grounds and well organised classrooms. 

This provides ideal opportunities to enrich the daily lives of our students in order to ensure they learn and progress as well as they possibly can. 

We believe in partnership with our parents and carers.  We therefore welcome parents and carers into school.  Please give us a ring if you would like to spend time with us.

John Page - Headteacher