Guided Mobility System

At Fairfield School we are fortunate enough to have an electrically propelled platform that follows an electronic signal when a single switch is pressed. This track is underneath our carpet and outside and has 5 different routes the pupils can take.

The track enables our pupils who are unable to use a conventional powered wheelchair to experience independence and develop skills for mobility. The platform can also be used off the track with up to four switches.

A pupil in their manual chair can be pushed onto the platform via a ramp and then using a single switch can press the switch and move the platform forward

This system benefits our students in a range of ways it can:

  • Encourage cause and effect – understanding early intentional actions

  • Increase confidence

  • Improve their driving skills

  • Increase independence

  • Education through exploration of the environment

  • Initiation of communication

  • Structured, safe and purposeful mobility

  • Switch assessment and training

  • Training in the use of independent assistive equipment

  • Development of cognitive skills

  • Fun through play activities


This has allowed pupils with complex and multiple disabilities to control their own mobility for the first time and has proved to be a powerful motivator for learning.

Some pupils have progressed onto having a power chair of their own.

Michael Bates