MSI & Intervenors

In School we have a number of students who are Deafblind or multi-sensory Impaired (MSI) what does this mean? Below is a definition of this; 

A person is deafblind if they have a combined sight and hearing impairment that causes difficulties with communication, access to information and mobility.

These students have great difficulty acquiring information from their environment and need someone to Intervene.  

In order to support our Deafblind students appropriately we have Intervenors who;

  • Work consistently 1-1 with an Individual who is deafblind/MSI building a trusting relationship in order for communications to be acknowledged, understood and be responded to.  This will give the student the opportunity to feel secure and move forward.

  • Have had specific specialized training.

  • Gather Information, learn concepts and skills and develop communication and language.

  • Is a bridge to the world for the student.

  • Act as a sighted guide, support and promote independence. 

The Intervenor role is to act as the eyes and ears of the deafblind/MSI student as opposed to those staff who have a more general support role with a range of students in a class.

Michael Bates