Compliments and Complaints

At Fairfield we work very closely with parents / carers and it is hoped that any concerns or problems can be resolved amicably with the class teachers, heads of departments, senior leaders or the Head teacher, who will be pleased to listen, answer any questions and will do their best to resolve the situation. We value your input and take complaints seriously, and will make every effort to investigate and support your concerns.

The Governing Body are there to assist parents / carers and maybe contacted through the school office.

We are constantly striving to evaluate and improve our provision here at Fairfield School, so at various times of the year we conduct parental / career surveys and questionnaires to keep updated on your views and opinions about the school. This information is important in our school improvements, and we appreciate your time and input in our strive to provide the best education at Fairfield School.

We subscribe to the Kirklees Council complaints policy which can be seen from the link below.


Kirklees Complaints.

Michael Bates