ABC Sessions

ABC is a sensory circuit which is set up every morning in the hall for our children to access and be supported on a 1 to 1 with staff to take part in at the beginning of the school day to help with their energy levels. There are various activities for our children to engage in to help self –regulate, to help them feel calm. 

Starting with physical activities including climbing and balancing on set out obstacle courses which include work benches, stairs, step ups, body boards and exercise bike. Skipping and jumping activities are introduced, as well as body awareness and co-ordination skills using balls and hoops. This is followed by calming activities this incudes spinning disks, trampettes and a wide variety of therapy balls. Deep pressure, gentle squeezing and massaging techniques are also used for some children. 

Our ABC sessions have had a very positive effect on our children it helps them to relax and to return to the classroom calm and ready to learn.

Michael Bates