Spenborough Baths Swimming Sessions

Students throughout school from KS2 to Post 16 access swimming lessons at Spenborough Swimming Baths on a Friday morning, travelling to the pool on our school minibus. Two swimming teachers from the Kirklees Active Leisure service support us aiding swimming techniques. Most pupils have 1-1 support in the pool but as they get older and more competent with their swimming technique there maybe 2 or 3 pupils with 1 adult supervising them as they swim lengths of the pool. Pupils are assessed on individual needs relating to ability, confidence and health.

Pupils work initially on water confidence and for the younger pupils it is often the first time using the minibus to access services outside of school. It is an ideal time to foster independent skills moving around in the community and getting changed for swimming. It is a really special time from leaving school to arriving back, students having the chance to interact with their peers and members of staff out of the usual school environment. Pupils make great progress in the pool and it is thrilling to see the difference in their confidence form those early days in KS2 to only a few months later.

Both Spenborough staff and school issue certificates for progress, these can range from small steps in confidence to completing widths and lengths with a range of flotation aids.

Michael Bates