The Spenborough Co-operative Trust

The Spenborough Co-operative Trust was formed on 1st May 2012.

Partners in the Trust are:

  • Heckmondwike Primary School

  • Headlands Church of England School

  • Littletown Junior, Infant and Nursery School

  • Fairfield Special School

  • Roberttown Church of England Junior and Infant School

  • Spen Valley High School

Members of the Trust are:

  • Huddersfield New College

  •  Kirklees Local Authority

  •  Moorend Technology College

What is the Spenborough Co-operative Trust?

The Spenborough Co-operative Trust is a charitable trust which supports the work of the seven schools in our community. Co-operative Trusts are one way in which schools and partners can establish formal and sustainable collaborations to enable children and young people to achieve more through strong partnership arrangements. There are about 100 co-operative trust schools in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Our four key priorities are:

  • Raising Standards

  • Improving transition between Key Stages

  • Developing community links

  • Improving services for children and their families

Being part of the Trust we believe we can raise the achievements by;

  • sharing ideas and best practices with Trust members

  • working together on curriculum development

  • creating shared services and working towards more effective economies of scale

  • strengthening the way we provide for our children's education.